2014 Burton Sweet Tooth Snowboard Review

Burton Sweet Tooth Snowboard

Girls that have a sweet tooth for powdery slopes and fresh powder will want to keep it locked and loaded this winter on the 2014 Burton Sweet Tooth Snowboard. The all-mountain snowboard is designed to soak up just about any terrain with ease. A fun and playful feel is thanks to Raduction, which shrinks the overall shape, allowing you to confidently ride a board up to 5 centimeters shorter than what you’re used to. This results in increased boardfeel and precision without sacrificing pop, float, or stability. The Burton Sweet… Read More »

2014 Burton Axis Snowboard Jacket Review

Burton Axis Snowboard Jacket

Need a high-performing jacket that won’t set you back a month’s salary? That’s exactly what the folks at Burton designed their Burton Axis Snowboard Jacket to be. The advanced piece of outwear has all the features and performance of top-shelf jackets at only a smidgen of the price. Warmth is the name of the game when it comes to the Burton Axis Jacket. Waterproofing backs the warmth up when it comes to protection from Mother Nature. The strategically mapped configuration of DryRide Durashell 2L Fabric is both eco-friendly and completely… Read More »

2014 Premier Ghettobird Snowskate Review

Premier Ghettobird Snowskate

Heavy into skateboarding? Bummed out about all the snow that’s dropping? If you’re a skate rat that doesn’t head up to the big mountain all that often, then a snowskate might be for you. And the Premier Ghettobird Snowskate is one of the absolute best around. Measuring 37 inches from tip to tail and 8 inches wide, the Ghettobird shares similar dimensions with your standard skateboard deck. A soft rubber top for the ultimate in grip and stick acts like grip tape and prevents you from slipping and sliding. A… Read More »

The Best Snowboard Boots of 2014


Boots are an important and essential piece of gear for any snowboarding setup. Rather than just pick up any old pair, why not invest a little of your hard-earned dough in a top-quality set of shred kicks this winter. The best snowboarding boots might cost a little more but they offer the very best in comfort, performance, durability, and support. There is a good chance that your riding will improve as you’ll feel more comfortable on your board and be offered a greater range of motion and comfort. Plus, the… Read More »

The Best Snowboard Jackets of 2014


The snowboarding industry is filled with dozens of superb companies offering a wide range of top-quality products for boarders and skiers alike. While forking over moola for a new jacket might not be quite as exciting as, say, investing in a new snowboard, it cannot be denied that it is equally (or near equally) as important. A good snowboard jacket is warm, waterproof, comfortable, and rugged. And the best snowboard jackets are all of these things in addition to stylish, lightweight, and able to regulate airflow. We’ve rounded up our… Read More »

2014 Poler X Nike Vapen Snowboard Boot Review

Poler X Nike Boot

Poler Stuff and Nike have done it again with their 2014 Poler X Nike Vapen Snowboard Boot. The collab came out of a similar project between Poler and Nike Skateboarding and is the first time Poler and the snowboarding side of Nike have worked together. The Vapen Boot is one of Nike Snowboarding’s absolute best products. It boasts a mid-flex feel that makes it the perfect choice for any type of riding. The boot is warm, high-performing, and comfortable. It features all the stability and support you could hope for without… Read More »

2014 Capita The Black Snowboard of Death Snowboard Review

The Black Snowboard of Death

It’s hard to go wrong with a snowboard with as cool of a name as the Capita The Black Snowboard of Death Snowboard. Though the name is a little funky to get off the tongue, the board is pimped out to a startling degree of quality. Completely redesigned for the 2014 season, the Black Snowboard of Death is an all-mountain freestyle monster that is well-suited for just about any rider, from experienced beginners to full-on pros. Though it’s a highly technical board, it does not take a highly technical rider… Read More »

Much Awesome Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Holiday Gifts for Snowboarders

Christmas Gifts

The holiday season is upon us once again and people everywhere are rushing around in an attempt to pick up the very best gifts for their loved ones. If there is a snowboarder in your family or friend group, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t try to base your gift around that passion. For one thing, a snowboarding-related gift is sure to make any snowboarder happy. For another, knowing that you need to look in this specific area will make your holiday shopping all the easier to do…. Read More »

2014 Rossignol Templar Magtek Snowboard Review


It’s just about that time of year…when nearly every ski resort across the country opens up and snowboarders from all over flock to get their shred on. But why head up to the mountain with anything but the best? You don’t want to be left in the dust. That’s where the 2014 Rossignol Templar Magtek Snowboard comes in. It’s a killer stick that will put you at the front of the pack. Head to your local mountain with the utmost in quality this year and make 2014 your best snowboarding… Read More »

The Best Splitboards of 2014


Splitboarding has been around for years but it is largely a recent phenomenon. Until the last decade or so, snowboarders hoping to make it up into the untouched powder of the backcountry either had to hoof it or make one of their regular snowboards into a homemade splitboard. That’s no longer the case. In fact, 2014 brings splitboarding fans over 60 different boards to choose from. Nearly all of the large snowboarding manufacturers now offer splitboards in their lineups. Simply put, that’s a lot of boards to choose from. And… Read More »